Hello, my name is Akira Motomura. I am a communication and interaction designer. I like learning. Learning has always been a significant part of my life. Being able to constantly learn new things is one of the most valuable traits that I have developed through my life. One thing that I really like about learning is that there is no end to it. It will simply keep me motivated to learn all the time because it is fun. Design is quite similar to learning in a lot of ways. As a designer, solving a problem is one of the most important and interesting responsibilities. Each problem is drastically different from each other. Therefore, every single time that I approach a new problem, I have to start as a beginner. It requires me to think critically, emphatically, and individually about the problem. At the same time, it demands my mind to be extremely flexible and open to the way others would approach the same problem. With design, it enables me to turn all the learning process into a tangible solution to that problem. This is why design is so interesting to me.

I am very interested in design, technology, and learning. In a fast technology-driven environment, I would love to have fun learning and designing for interaction and information.






  • Data Visualization with D3.js

  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) + WordPress + Webflow

  • Interaction Design

  • Print Media Design


  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and AfterEffect

  • Basic Digital Photography and Editing

  • データビジュアライゼーション with D3.js

  • ウェブ制作 (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) + WordPress + Webflow

  • インタラクションデザイン

  • プリントメディアデザイン

  • ブランディング

  • フォトシップ, イラストレーター, インデザイン, ドリームウィーバー, アフターエフェクト

  • デジタル写真撮影’+編集


California State University, Chico
BA in Communication Design with an option in Graphic Design
Fall 2014- Spring 2017

Lakeland University Japan
Liberal Arts
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

NIC International College in Japan
English for Academic Programs
Spring 2013