Abstract Visualization of Graphic Design Principles

concept mapping


Abstractly visualize some of the fundamental graphic design principles using a few elemental forms.





Design has to serve a purpose. It is not about any particular style. It is a way of thinking or process that allows people to ask questions about what a problem that they are attempting to solve. Graphic Design is one of the methodologies/disciplines that executes the visual aspects of Design. This notion is usually and easily misunderstood by designers as well as non-designers. The purpose of this project is to explain how seemingly the arbitrarily laid out boxes are actually formatted according to the important graphic design principles visually. The three dimensional boxes composed from lines and a rectangle are placed in a way that precisely follow those principles, which enabled labels of the principles to be put right next to what they signify.




Focused on very precise consistency. Every object is created with a basic form that anyone can replicate. By visually showing various disciplines of graphic design, this piece points out its objectivity.