Career Center Branded Promotional Series



Design a series of promotional graphics for the Career Center at California State University, Chico.





The Career Center is one of the clients for CMT Design studio. Various career fairs, advising, and many other events are constantly organized by the Career Center. Establishing a consistent branding generates trust in the organization and makes it easier for students to recognize different events from the same source. Respecting and following the Career Center's branding guidelines, different types of promotional materials were produced.


First Projects

The very first project was to design a web banner to promote the Career Center’s advising services. There are two different versions of the same banners that are used in a sequential order. One of them emphasizes adversing services for students who consider switching the major. The other one focuses on general advising services for students who do not know where to start to get their career advice.


Second Projects

The second project was also to design a web banner to recruit students as volunteers for the Career Center. Small vector figures representing students were placed underneath the main caption in order to emphasize that they will be working as a team to support the Career Center. A letter “U” within the main title was colored differently so that the banner shows that the Career Center’s value in individual workers there.


Third Projects

The third project was to design a web banner, flyer, and poster for “Rock Your Resume!” event in which professional employers review students’ resumes in a casual, quick, and friendly style. Coming up with a highly graphic element that can also serve as a symbol for this particular event was required. The hand gesture for Rock Music as well as a sleeve of an employer’s suit were combined together in order to figuratively illustrate what the event was about. The soft and simple quality of the illustration was meant to show the very casual and friendly atmosphere of the event.

3つ目のプロジェクトは、就職課に夜キャリアフェア向けに学生の履歴書添削をするイベント用のバナー・フライヤー・ポスターのデザインでした。タイトルが、「ROCK YOUR RESUME!」というジョークを交えた、「履歴書をかっこよく(ロック)しよう!」というものだったので、奇抜な色の選択とインパクトのあるイラストを考えました。ロックを意味するハンドサインと履歴書添削をするスタッフのスーツの袖を組み合わせました。