Living Learning Communities



Develop a branding system and design promotional materials based on the system for Living Learning Communities, which is a new hosing program organized by the University Housing.





Livening Learning Communities program aims to provide theme-and interest-based housing environment on campus for prospective freshmen and sophomores. This is the place where students can learn new things from their peers, form a team based on their own interests, and work corroboratively on various self-initiated projects. Since the program is run under the University Housing, it was required to follow the appropriate branding guidelines for California State University, Chico. Semantically appropriate visual elements were integrated for the logo. The concept of learning was represented with the shape of an open book. The shape of the Whitney Hall, one of the iconic dormitories on campus, was placed inside of the book, signifying that students’ learning can foster by living in the communities. A brochure for Living Learning Communities was also designed. Coming up with a new folding method as well as a branding tagline,  the brochure serves was an inspirational invitation for prospective students with which they would be able to learn about the program. The sequence of unfolding the brochure was seriously considered in an attempt to create an interesting interaction that encourages students to read it more.



Sketched to try out different ideas. This process led to the idea of combining a book and a building in order to represent the program.



Different folding methods were taken into considerations at the beginning. The focus was to come up with an unique folding method that would make the brochure look like an invitation to the program.


First Draft

Several different options were designed in order to appropriately represent the essence of the Living Learning Communities program: inspirational, collaborative, engaging, and interesting.